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Manicure Services

Refresh your manicure with an excellent color change which includes a soft file and moisturizer( soft file if needed)
15 minutes

Nothing can be better than to pamper your hands with our products that enhance your complexion: this includes cutting, shaping your nails, cuticles details, massage, hot towel and color.
25 minutes

Enjoy a manicure with products enriched in minerals and essential oils. It’s a treatment to prevent dry skin. Relax while exfoliating your skin and getting a massage with warm cream and color of your choice.
45 minutes

It’s a high-quality treatment with vegan products that’ll benefit according to your skin complexion and prevents dry skin. The treatment will start by clipping, filing nails, cuticles details, continuing with an soft exfoliate massage, paraffin, and hot towel with a color of your choice.
50 minutes


Pedicure Services

Color change for feet, refreshing your pedicure with a new color will consist in moisturizing and removing your old nail polish and replace it with a fresh color of your choice, ( soft file if needed)
15 minutes

Pamper your feet with our products to enhance your complexion, includes cutting, file nails, cuticles details, callus remover, massage and hot towel. Finishing with a color of your choice..
35 minutes

Enjoy a pedicure with products enriched in minerals and essential oils. This is a treatment to help your feet with the dryness and calluses feet, this service consists of nail care, callus remover, skin exfoliating, plus warm massage with a dipping moisturizer, and color or shine buff.
50 minutes

It’s a high quality treatment according your type of skin, our vegan products are carefully selected for best benefits. This treatment will start with nail care, exfoliating skin, callus extra care (if needed),moisturizer, foot massage, paraffin, color of your choice or shine buff.
60 minutes


Massage service in our Spa and at home, therapeutic and relaxing massages for physical and mental exhaustion, body massages and Spa, kinesiological professionals.


Waxing service with both warm and hot wax, both for women and men in the areas they wish to wax: groin, armpits, half legs or whole legs. You will be able to show off a soft and smooth skin without hair quickly and easily.